Our illustrious team!

Rami Taibah

Chief Technology Mstdfr

UX Designer, technologist. Founder of Studio 966 design agency & Currrva. 42% of his working day is spent on vim.

Shows: The MSTDFR Show, ILM FM

Ammar Sabban

Chief Creative Mstdfr

Puppeteer, puppet builder, Voice Actor & founder of 31 Workshop Ave. Plays Grover & Cookie Monster on Iftah Ya Simsim.

Shows: The MSTDFR Show, Kartoon Karton, Taal Agollak

Faisal Alaseeri

Chief Marketing Mstdfr

Writer. Comic book nerd. Movie nerd. Seeker of wonderful stories in all shapes and sizes. Helped launch Uturn once upon a time.

Abdulhameed Sabban

EishBTSWI Co-host

A mild mannered physician by day and podcast host by night. Host of EishBTSWI, comic book aficionado and cartoonist.

Ashraf Faden

EishBTSWI Co-host

Diagnostic medical sonographer and public health professional by specialty. Photographer by passion. Always eager to learn and try something new and different.

Mohammed Hamadah

EishBTSWI Co-host

I am an MIS professional. I enjoy playing sports. Co-hosting in EishBTSWI is my new thing.

Sari Sabban

ILM.FM Co-Host

Molecular Biologist and Biotechnologist, and co-host of the podcast ILM FM.

Rayan Karkadan

#Ramadhan_Challenge Podcast Host

مدرب رياضي سعودي وطبيب عام | Saudi Fitness Trainer and Physician | | Level 1 Trainer | مهووس بتحسنك! مؤسس | مؤسس ولاعب في

Khayra Bundakji

Azzbda Executive Producer

Digital Marketer by day, Personal Branding Consultant by noon, and Azzbda’s mom on weekends.

Fatma BaAram

Azzbda Co-Host

I read books and kinda write stories as well. I love turtles and tea.. oh! A member of @ketabei.

Abdulmalik Zubailah

The Gaming Recess Host

I’m obsessed with stories and Video Games, so I wanna make both. I Write stories, mostly. but I’m also a co-organizer in .

Ali Kamakhi

Business Box Podcast Co-Host

Serene Feteih

The Coach Talk Co-Host

Serene Feteih is a Certified CPCC Life & Leadership Coach. A Global Soul. A Free Spirit. Traveler. Bookworm. Photographer. Student of Life.

Abdullah Al-Sabban

The Coach Talk Co-Host

Executive & Life Coach, Helping people have a balanced & fulfilled life by enabling them to live their dreams.

Mohammed W. Hashem

Ri7lat Darahim

Creator of “Darahim The Game”. Host of Ri7lat Darahim, a show where I take you with me on my deluded journey where I strive to make Darahim a best seller across the gaming world.