Passionate about raising podcasts shows to the highest standards, Mstdfr Podcast Net- work offers several opportunities that fits every budget and every vision.

Studio Rental

No strings attached for content, the Mstdfr Podcast Network Studio is up for hourly rental. Payment is done by hour.
See openings and book at

Full Podcast Solution

For shows looking for consultation instead of joining the network, we offer bespoke ser- vices of getting you up and running and in some cases we can handle your operations. With a one-time fee, you own the content and only require to mention us on your website and once per show that you worked with the Mstdfr Podcast Network

For more information, email hello[at]mstdfr[dot]com

Joining the Network

We take our Mstdfr Network family very seriously and reserve membership to shows that are as committed as we are to the craft.
Members can create their own package using the following options:

  • Studio usage (recording)
  • Post-production (branding, imagery, music, editing & sound quality)
  • Distribution (feed set-up, feed management, SEO, technical troubleshooting, & analytics)

Pricing takes form of proceeds percentage or fixed rate.

Included Services:

  • Full initiation and management of
    • Sponsorship
    • Financials
    • Agreement write-ups
  • Inclusion in
    • Mstdfr Network promotions
    • Guest appearances in other Mstdfr Network podcasts
    • Support in getting high-profile guests
    • Technical support (website, SEO, policies, best practices)

Checkout current Mstdfr Network members at