Low Priority Queue

A geek-centric podcast of three fanboys with great intentions, but absurdly poor taste.
Residing for eternity where gamers go to die; The Low Priority Queue! New episode every Saturday.

Hosted by المسثضيف Abdulhakeem Jomah Tamim Kashgari
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Mass Effect Andromeda

Get ready for an episode where we take apart the latest installment of the Mass Effect franchise. We have left no stone unturned with this game as we talk about quest design, gameplay mechanics, characters, narrative, the much hated facial animations and so much more. We also didn’t leave out how it compares to previous games in the franchise or other Bioware games either. Get ready for an episode that will hopefully get you to think a little bit beyond all the rage and hate this game is getting. Guests: Abdulmalik Zubailah: Host of Mstdfr… Mass Effect Andromeda



Is the Internet corrupting and devolving us as a species or is it the next step in our collective evolution? Join Mojadidi and Hakeem as they embark on a discussion to answer that very question. Joined by our favorite Mariam and Maryam, we attempt to dissect what is it about the Internet we should worry about and whether or not its existence is stunting the growth of the younger generations. CAUTION: We get serious, but not really. Guests: Mariam AlAbbas: Jeddah’s Fairy Godmother, Manager of Humming Tree (A Co-working space), Best Friend to All website:… Internet



Would you kindly listen to this episode where we discuss one of our favorite game franchises ever. Tamim and Mojadidi delve deep and soar high and leave no audiolog unturned. Joined by Abdullah Bundakji, man of many cartoon voices and Bassam Hariri, literally our favorite and possibly only fan, the team talks Bioshock. We try to appear intelligent and witty and use philosophical terms like Objectivism, American Exceptionalism and the like but fear not listeners, we’re still the dorks you know and love. Guests: Bassam Harriri: Potterhead, Penguin Enthusiast, LPQ Fanboy #1 @BassamSHariri Abdullah Bundakji:… Bioshock


Games That Make Us Ashamed To Be Gamers

This was hands down the most uncomfortable episode we have ever recorded and the one that caused us to suffer the most in terms of trying to even find people who wants to be included in it. Keeping it short, we didn’t find anyone but Mojadidi and Tamim soldiered on got it done. Because we had to, we had to let you into the underbelly of videogames and show you the worst things to ever come out of a medium that all three hosts of the LPQ love. We won’t be providing links to anything… Games That Make Us Ashamed To Be Gamers


Guardians of the Galaxy Vo.2

Asmaa,  Khayra and Hakeem step into the Queue to discuss in dissecting detail the sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy.They go along the films time-line discussing themes and plot points and how they may fit into the cinematic universe in the future. We discuss our favorite characters and the reasoning behind it as well as their development throughout the film and inconsistencies from the first film.We also geek out over the easter eggs and niche characters throughout the film as well as the music and how it trumped the first in terms of pure awesomeness.… Guardians of the Galaxy Vo.2


Videogames and Feelings

What? Games can actually emotionally scar us? Yes! And that’s what Mojadidi and Tamim discuss on this episode of The Low Priority Queue. Joined by interested non-game and also favorite person, Khayra, the duo discuss their journey with how video games have evolved to manifest emotional gut punches so much so. Comparisons with film and TV are made and we discuss our favorite emotional moments in games. Caution: Listening to this episode will make you realize how much of a pansy Mojadidi is. Guest: Khayra Bundakji: Friend of the show, local geek and MSTDFR Operations Manager. Instagram | Snapchat |  Twitter… Videogames and Feelings



Mojadidi finally decides to talk about his favorite comic book of all time, the seminal series known as Sandman, partially responsible for coining the term Graphic Novel back in the late 80s. Listen as Mojadidi talks about what he loved about the series, as he’s joined by fellow cynic Tamim, who tried his mightiest to dissuade Mojadidi’s bias and Mohammed Sobh, a fellow fan of comic books and Sandman in particular. For the first time ever, there is a Spoiler warning, but we’re not too sure how accurately we’ve followed it. Listen and tell us… Sandman


International Table Top Day

LPQ dorks it up again this week by dedicating an entire episode to the very important international holiday that is ‘International TableTop Day’. Tamim and Khayra take some time to bask in the success of what was ‘International TableTop Day Jeddah 2016’ which they co-organized as well as discuss their plans for the day this year and what might be happening on day in Jeddah. Mohammed also lets us know about his new boardgame which he invented that will be launching soon here in Saudi Arabia. We also take the time to discuss our own… International Table Top Day



Despite being famously someone that isn’t a fan of Wolverine Tamim take the reins of this episode on the movie Logan and hosts with three guests. That alone should be testament of how good the movie itself is. We talk about the movie, its raw emotions, its plot, the relationships on display, how it compares against the comics, our favorite character and everything and anything in between. Guests: Zainab Hamidaddin: aka Zaza Fierce, Life influencer, Phd in Falsafa, Yemeni bred|Houston fed. Instagram| Zaza Reviews Huda Ashkar: Doctor, Geek and Layal Ashkan’s imaginary friend. Twitter Asmaa Mohurji:… Logan

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