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Game of Thrones Season 7: Fire and Fury

The season begins to pick up after its slow start as expects and its fire, fury, blood and shit everywhere as we get into episodes three and four.

Cersei is winning, but then Cersei is losing. Jon and his aunt Daenerys start to get along. Davos continues to suck at his job, Bran becomes the embodiment of the biggest fake enlightened asshole ever and Jamie decides that its time to turn Game of Thrones into jackass. All that and so much more as we take on these last two episodes that essentially are the equivalent of the shit hitting the fan.


Abdulla Bogis: Art Director, Anime fan and all around great Sukarno impersonator. Also the owner of a really great new T-Shirt company called Urbanik that is coming to town. Instagram | Twitter | Urbanik


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