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Our Different Selves: Gaming and Real World Personalities

For the first time in a while Hakeem, Tamim and Ahmed have found the time to show up to an episode all at the same time. What better way to celebrate than to go through some personality and psychological testing about themselves to find out if their gaming personalities and their real life personalities actually align or are they entirely different people.

To that end we’ve brought on our resident psychologist in the making Amanh Fakieh to take us through both the Myer Briggs and Bartle’s Taxonomy personality tests and what the test results mean. The occasional a little to close to home question and insightful statement is also had. We only barely managed to not get completely bogged down in mommy issues this episode.



Amnah Fakieh: Psychologist in the making, researcher at Nawah, and video game n00b. Instagram


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