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Luke Cage

We tackle the third combatant in the Marvel Netflix show roster, Luke Cage!

Khayra Bundakji and Ahmed Jadaa enter the queue with Hakeem and Tameem to dissect every aspect of Netflix ‘s latest show. We dissect character development throughout the show, including the hits and misses along the way.

We talk about the baddies of the show and how their progression affected the show and what it means for Marvels future.

We talk powerful female leads and how the show may have irreparably damaged Nurse Claire.

We talk Luke himself and how he works as an inconsistent lead in the Marvelverse.

And we all fanboy hard over the strongest aspect of the show, the music.


  • Ahmed Jadaa: Friend of the show and writer at the Mouse & Controller.  Instagram | Twitter
  • Khayra Bundakji: Friend of the show, local geek and MSTDFR Operations Manager. InstagramTwitter



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