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Mass Effect

This week’s episode recorded on N7 day tackles the Mass Effect trilogy. Which is one of the great videogame and science fiction franchises ever created. We discuss the character we met along the way, the choices we made both with hesitation & excitement, the overall narrative journey that we were taken on and how we felt about this entire experience.

We also talk about the next game in the Mass Effect franchise, Mass Effect Andromeda and how we feel about the game and our current expectations of it and the fears that we have going forward based on how Electronic Arts have treated us in the past.


  • Ahmed Abualjadail: Life long gamer, historian and more importantly LPQ’s lawyer friend just in case something happens.
  • Abdulmalik Zubailah: Host of Mstdfr member show ‘The Gaming Recess’, life long gamer and game developer. Twitter


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