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Mstdfr (Arabic: مستدفر) is a Middle Eastern geeky podcast spoken in "Arablish". Every week, Ammar and Rami host different regional guests to talk about various topics including: current affairs, culture, technology, media, challenges facing the new Arab generation, and everything in between.

Hosted by المسثضيف Ammar Sabban


With ADA We’re All Connected

Guest: Karina Smigla Bobinski

Today’s episode was the last episode we recorded at the 2019 Tanween event that was organized by Ithra, and we had a wonderful artistic and scientific conversation with our guest Karina Smigla Bobinski who’s an expert in visual communication, an intermedia artist with analogue and digital media, she lives and works as a freelance artist in Munich.

She studied art and visual communication at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland and Munich, Germany. She works as intermedia artist with analogue and digital media and move between science, intuition, expression and cognition. She produces and collaborates on projects ranging from kinetic sculptures, interactive installations, art interventions, featuring mixed reality objects, multimedia physical theatre performances and online projects. Karinas works bridge kinetic art, drawing, video, installation, painting, performance and sculpture, her works contain the method of their making, they are direct art, which foregrounds the material, movement through time and impact on results. At least she was a Visiting Research Fellow and Artist in Residence at ZiF Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Bielefeld University’s Institute for Advanced Study.

You can learn more about Karina’s work through her website: